Schotland leadership Knoydart


20-26 May and on request

7 Days

Wild Reset

Min 4 max 6

Price in the booklet

The Journey

Growing your Leadership by growing your Robustness & Resilience

How are the bearings of my compass? How well can I hold on to my course? How stable am I on a slippery track? How much adversity can I deal with? When my legs burn, my breath screams? I have said yes and have the ambition to make it! But how robust and resilient am I? Will/do/can I stand the heat of the climb, the wetness of pouring rain? You’re invited to join us on an outdoor track in remote and rewarding territory. To go inside and outside. Our steps will lead us into the Scottish west-coast mountain wilderness. Over animal tracks, shitty ground, rocky sort-of-paths, ridges with steep sides. The track will be as real as it will be metaphorical. Because we will be talking whilst walking.

Together we will reflect upon ourselves, on who each of us is, or -better said- who we have become. We will support each other in asking ourselves profound questions. Why do I (not) do what I (not want to) do? How have I become who I am today? Which are critical life-experiences? How do they impact me? Do I still like who I am? On what yes, on what not? What is authentic and what is conditioning? How does it all show in my work life, my private life? In the ambition I have. The inspiration I seek. The path I take. All geared to reset my bearings and grow my inner comfort.


Participants are senior executives and (very) high potentials. What’s included?

  • full week program, exploring off the beaten track, inside and outdoor
  • two nights B&B and 4 nights wild camp
  • three guides, both for the outdoor as well as for the inside journey
  • group gear; tents, tarps, safety communication, medical kit, cooking gear, water filters
  • food and drinks; breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, tea for all week
  • transportation in Scotland; trains, ferry, private buses

Excluded is traveling to/from Glasgow, personal outdoor gear and your travel insurance.


20 – 26 May
& on request

Schotland leadership Knoydart

Theme and levels

The theme of this journey is ‘Wild Reset’. We will be off the grid, stripped of unnatural stimuli and the everyday entertainment. We leave telephones and watches behind – where we are is anyhow no reception. Meanwhile we create a setting to let go of the issues of the day during which we sometimes forget that we are a creature of nature and not a technologically manufactured robot. We use the simplicity of the outdoors and the workings of nature as a driving force for a reset.

Every day will be filled with new insights from our continued questions-reflections-discussions. Not your usual work week.

The most important entry requirement for this trip is a healthy body and an open attitude. An average to good fitness level is required for this outdoor journey. We will be hiking long hours with a serious backpack. Experience in mountain terrain is desirable but not mandatory. Experience with (wild) camping is a plus, but not necessary.

The team




Nick Rewild


‘We’ are a group of 4-6 participants and 3 guides. Most of us have at least reached midlife or earned our portion of grey hair. All of us have dreams and bruises. The guides facilitate the journey across the mountains as much as the inner journey. What we all have in common is a longing for inspiration in our lives. For living it to the fullest. We are all open for reflection, for sharing, for mutual support and for the challenge our ego may get. Read more about the guides in the booklet.

Travel program

Travel day

We arrive in Glasgow-Scotland on day 1, start the journey and start our conversations.

Wild journey

Day 2 to 6 are days of intensive tracking and continued talking. Every day, every new track, brings us through old forests, through immense valleys, over breath-taking mountains, and rewards us with inspiring views, to then arrive at a place to set up camp.

Travel day

Time to head back home refreshed and reset.