Sarek Traverse


9 – 15 September and on request

7 Days

Wild Reset

Min 4 max 6

Price in the booklet

The Journey

Growing your Leadership by growing your Robustness & Resilience

How are the bearings of my compass? How well can I hold on to my course? How stable am I on a slippery track? How much adversity can I deal with? When my legs burn, my breath screams? I have said yes and have the ambition to make it! But how robust and resilient am I? Will/do/can I stand the heat of the climb, the wetness of pouring rain?

You’re invited to join us on an outdoor track in remote and rewarding territory. To explore internally as well as externally. Our steps will lead us into in one of the most rugged places of Europe: the Swedish wilderness area of Sarek National Park. In this the land of the semi nomadic Sami population we pass glaciers and imposing mountains, wade through glacial rivers and trek through alpine tundra over ancient reindeer trails. With a bit of luck we spot a herd of these characterful strong four-legged animals: the local people still live a traditional life here based on the seasonal migration of their reindeer. But reindeer are certainly not the only wild animals to be found in the park. The area is also home to brown bears, lynx, the wolverine and Europe’s largest moose species. The track will be as real as it will be metaphorical. Because we will be talking whilst walking.

Together we will reflect upon ourselves, on who each of us is, or -better said- who we have become. We will support each other in asking ourselves profound questions: Why do I (not) do what I (not want) to do? How have I become who I am today? What are my critical life-experiences? How do they impact me? Do I still like who I am (which aspects yes, and which aspects no)? What about me is authentic and what is conditioned? How does it all show in my work-life and in my private-life? In the ambition I have, the inspiration I seek, the path I choose to take. This journey is geared to help reset your bearings and grow you inner awareness.


Participants are senior executives and (very) high potentials. What’s included?

  • Seven days program – exploring outside the beaten track, inside and outdoor
  • One night on board the train, four nights camp and one night in a cabin
  • 3 guides – both for the outdoor as well as for the inside journey
  • Group gear: tents, tarps, safety communication, medical kit, cooking gear, water filters
  • Food & drinks – breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, tea for all week
  • Transportation in Sweden – trains, buses and boat

Excluded is traveling to/from Stockholm, personal outdoor gear and your travel insurance.


9 – 15 September
& on request

Sarek Traverse

Theme and levels

The theme of this journey is ‘Wild Reset’. We will be off the grid, stripped of unnatural stimuli and everyday entertainment. We will leave telephones and watches behind – there is no reception available along the trail anyway. We do this to create a setting to help you let go of day-to-day (work) issues.

We use the simplicity of the outdoors and the workings of nature as a driving force for a reset. Every day will be filled with new insights from our continued questions-reflections-discussions. Not your usual work week.

The most important entry requirement for this trip is a healthy body, an open attitude and a bit of the character. But the days are intensive and physical. Not only do we move every day, we also run the outdoor camp together. Along the way things are simple but hard work. A day trip contains minimal 15 kilometers and can also increase in the number of altimeters. The terrain can be heavy and sometimes impassable and moving could than be slow. In addition, the weather in Sarek is unpredictable and it can rain a lot. In combination with the lack of shelter and a heavy load in the backpack, participation in this trip requires a good fitness level. Experience with (wild) camping is a plus, but not necessary. Familiarity with Arctic terrain is not necessary. We guide you through this raw and untouched arctic landscape and provide you with the skills necessary to move self sufficient and comfortably through the environment.

The team




Nick Rewild


‘We’ are a group of 4-8 participants and 3 guides. Participants are senior leaders and high potentials. All of us have dreams and bruises. The guides facilitate the journey across the mountains as much as the inner journey. What we all have in common is a longing for inspiration in our lives and deeper self-awareness. For living life to the fullest. We are all open for reflection, for sharing, for mutual support and for challenging our ego. We long to take that next step in self-leadership to be a force for positive change in our circles at work and at home. Read more about the guides in the booklet.

Travel program

Travel day

We arrive in Stockholm on day 1 where we start the journey and our conversations during a nighttrain ride to Gällivare.

Wild journey

After the night ride we arrive at the starting point of our Sarek traverse northeast of the area by means of a connecting bus transport. Here we get our gear ready, go through the plan one more time and disappear into the autumn wilderness environment of Sarek. Day 2 to 5 are days of intensive tracking and continued talking. Every day, every new track, brings us through through immense valleys, over breath-taking mountains, and rewards us with inspiring views, to then arrive at a place to set up camp.

Back to civilisation

We conclude our wilderness journey with a night in a Swedish cabin before we head back to civilisation on day 7.

Travel day

After a flight back to Stockholm we safely travel back home. Refreshed and reset.